Rap Food Cat


Bopped by The Sweet Potato today. Miss and love that place being my local market so much. You should go there. It has tons of organic stuff, almost too reasonable prices and honestly rules.

Oh, also started watching Made In Cheslea last week on the recommendation of Mags (we went to Costa Rica together, did you know that? Remind me to tell you about the definite murder bathtub in our Miami hotel room sometime.) More to come in MIC later. I’m only on S3 now, so don’t make a PEEP! Current thoughts capsule: adore Ollie, he is so funny and gumbyish and genuine, love Cags, Spencer is a young Ricky Gervais, Hugo is a doll, don’t know half the time if Millie is a human or a Paris Hilton-bot, but I do actually think more often than not that she’s aiight, she just has funny delivery of everything, but I think I dig it. Gabriella, it’s like, chiiiiilllllll being such an intense pile of annoyance. The 2 chicks who hang with Ollie, I like them. Mark Francis can literally go set himself on fire. Francis is adorable.

My youngest cat-son Murph had a big crappy surprise surgery on Wednesday to fix his broken hip. Broken hip! My baby!!!! Don’t ask me how he did it; will never know. We woke up one morning, and he was limping. No crashes in the night, no cat screeches, nothing. He plays pretty rough with his big bro Bobby, but aren’t cats supposed to be the most agile? Vet said he has a tiny boneframe – especially for being most likely at least part Maine Coon – and was probably the runt of his litter.

So he’s not in the best spirits. Cranky, in pain and, I imagine, like ‘why and what is happening to meeee?’ Little sweetiehead. He’s on 2 painkillers, twice a day, which I can see he hates. One’s a pill I shove down his throat and one in a liquid that I think tastes pretty bad.


Why is that sideways and why isn’t the way to straighten it up more obvious? This kind of petty technological nonsense is for real putting me into an early grave.

His surgery cost $3770, SO THAT’S NOT TOTALLY STRESSFUL. I’ve started an online fundraiser for his bill, here: http://www.gofundme.com/b6os58

With a bill this size (not to mention a 21% interest rate on payments, huuuggggghh), ANY amount is helpful. Murph, Bobby and me love you.

Top 5 Anythings

And now, this week’s Top 5 Anythings. They’re pretty good!



Honey Stinger Dark Chocolate Mint Almond Protein Bars  are on sale for just under $2 at the Queen and Portland Metro. I’d never tried them before because I tend to stick to eating more or less the same 10 things all the time. But then these were looking pretty interesting to me (I really love honey) and I’m glad they were. They are delicious and mad healthy. I just took one out with plans to eat like 4 bites and I polished it right off because I’m an adult and I can eat whatever I want.



Louis CK hosted SNL last weekend. Everything he does is the best. I don’t care to ever hear anyone’s argument as to why not because they’d be wrong and they’d owe me my precious time. Louis CK is SO super. His opening monologue ruled, but then when he got into the sketches, I am telling you.. I was howling at Black Jeopardy. Oh my good god. And the man with the body of a baby. The last sketch where he was that desperate dude with his girlfriend, that was kindof weak. But I figure we’re lucky to have him on a screen in front of our faces in the first place, so who are we to ever complain?


Do you use thermal water spray? Ya should. Haha – that’s me as Kenny Bania telling Jerry he should work out with weights.

Kenny: “you work out with weights?!”

Jerry: “No.”

Kenny: “Ya should!”

Jerry: “WHY?”

Kenny:”…… ”

Haha. Fucking Bania. Anyway, Avene Thermal Water Spray is great. It has all kinds of good stuff in it to PH balance your skin, leaving you feeling as dewy and youthful as a newborn babe. I love it. An awesome double use for it, besides the daily regular spraying, is to bring a can on hot vacations and keep it in the fridge. I took one to Costa Rica a couple years ago and it was a lifesaver. Not only in that it feels wonderful when you’re boiling half to death, but it helps sooth burned skin if you’re an irresponsible sun bird like me.

This LOL Jesus meme. Don’t ask me where this came from or where to even find it (I found this just popping ‘lol jesus surf’ into Google) or whether there’s more, but I’ve been laughing at it for 2 days now with no signs of stopping.


Whoa I just noticed that I switched the images from being on top of the text to being underneath the text. And that I just sent 5 seconds acknowledging that. Do you care about this new post layout plan? I definitely don’t care.

Now let us revisit the gloriousness that was Puffy’s recent return to being called Puffy. This is GREAT news to me and why? It’s the little victories I told ya. I hold onto them like grim death. I KNEW it’d be Puff once again someday!


Etsy and rings, Etsy and things

I love Etsy. Do you love Etsy? How could you not; are you some sort of animal?!

I’m currently in a self-battle over which new ring(s) to get. Here is my list. I REALLY wanted that raw herkimer that’s sold now. Keep looking I s’pose. I am also on a new search fun thing of looking for a really great turquoise ring. And/or earrings. So this list is only about to grow and get harder to choose from. But it’s fun, isn’t it? The looking and difficult, thinky thinky choosing. I think it is.

Festive Shoppers

A zillion different rings, a spray-painted or something picture of a Chanel bottle, a cartoon jungle print pillow case, a t-shirt with a cool fox head on it, a purse, maybe a couple purses actually, Detroit Red Wing nail decals for my friend, a Detroit Red Wings mug, Arrested Development fridge magnets for my friend, a Seinfeld t-shirt. And more, I’m sure. Some of the things wonderful Etsy has brought me.


Whut up McNulty. You still lookin’ aiight.

I don’t know, I’ve got nothing real to say here today. Just enjoy McNulty while I come up with something better for tomorrow.

Welcome back, Juicy-huttub-Puff

You heard? Sean Puffy Combs has finally returned to his original Puff Daddy-ness. WHAT DID I TELL YOU, UNIVERSE? I knew it.


I’ve never called him Diddy or any such nonsense – not once, not even one time. Come on. It’s Puffy and that’s it. Although I know people love to try, you’ll never convince me to hate Puffy. I’m sorry. He is a hip hop staple. Whether he’s a decent rapper (heh), human, “fashion guy”, anything at all really – I don’t know. Well I do know, but that’s neither here nor there when it comes to my Puff love. He is not going anywhere, and at least he got known via a decent source, right? You can do a lot worse than coming up as Biggie’s right hand man.

Okay, if that’s not enough, can we at least agree that he’s good for a laugh? I don’t see Puffy as the kind of ridiculous that angers, he’s the kind of ridiculous that we can all LOL at when he gets on with some nonsense. I THINK YOU CAN AGREE TO THAT.

A funny thing to me is actually how smug I felt finding this out. Why? I am one who holds onto petty (Very petty. THE MOST petty) victories, okay? Leave me be.

Remember Puff in the Juicy video though, in the hot tub? Oh my GAD, that was a glorious time for music videos. One thing I am eternally thankful is having been such a young and committed enthusiast for hip hop in general as a kid. My first music purchase was the DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince tape with Summertime on it. My first CD purchase was Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Links.

I love me.





Fashion sweats

Fashion sweats are finally a reality.

I’ve only been waiting for this since 1992. This is huge news in my teeny, tiny fashion game world!



Lainey’s style bud Sasha  found these rad fashion sweatpants which I am now in crazy inner turmoil over whether I will buy or not. There are two considerations here.

#1. Do I trust pants from an online viewing enough to buy? Shirts are one thing, but pants.. pants for me are more or less a must-try-on.

#2. They’re $158. Plus shipping, I’d imagine. I’m cheap/poor/cheap/fitting-risk-averse!

What to do, what to do. I do really love how they look in these pictures. Sasha also linked to a couple similar pairs, one of which was from H & M. I tried the H & M on earlier today. No dice. But I don’t often work with H & M pants, so I’m not putting too much weight into that experience.

What’s gonna happen here? Am I gonna go all wild west and just get em and hope for the best?

UPDATE: Oh fuck, nevermind. I just looked at them again and they’re only available in XS now. Ha. Nevermind. The search continues.

Did you know that in the morning, they have food, TV, almost everything? It’s pretty good

Hi. Don’t ask about anything right now. I don’t know if I’m on earth, Saturn, middle earth, or a giant fucking rubberplant leaf. Tell ya bout it later.





Wallets and choosing an age-appropriate wallet

Will I get this wallet? The red or the blue one, not the black one.

Is a Nike wallet okay for a 32 year old woman to have? Do I care? God, I spend so much time on the edge of trying to ‘grow up’ and trying to keep it one hundred percent real. Two things that aren’t always lined up. And both have their pluses and minuses. Maybe I’m focusing on the wrong visual of ‘growing up’ though. There are many different versions, depending on who you talk to. Well the one I want to be (am?) is the one where I CAN own a Nike wallet at 32 AND still be a wicked adulty adult in the world. Yeah. Yeah!

UPDATE: have sat on this for awhile and I’ve decided that yes, I certainly am allowed to get a Nike wallet and still be grown up. Do you know why? Because any ‘grown up’ who had anything to say about my choice of athletic wallet is not the grown up I want to be. Or know, for that matter. The true meaning of being a grown up doesn’t lie in your wallet choice, sweet thing. No. It lies in your character, kindness, and NON-judgement. Is what I say! You get whatever the hell wallet you want to get and when another supposed adult snarks on it, you deadpan them straight in the eye and you say, I LIKE THIS WALLET. AND I KEEPS IT ONE HUNDRED PERCENT REAL.

You f-cking G, you.

Rent me, don’t rob me, a Toronto apartment

Few big things have gone down at Annie Loretta HQ over the last couple weeks and so blah dee da dee da, I need to find an apartment.

Can someone please explain to me how Toronto landlords sleep at night renting out a basement with one window the size of my fist for even a dime over $800? It is mental.

I need somewhere I can tote the two kitties I am getting in this discord that is downtown (my square limit is Bay – Dupont – High Park – Front) and has a decent enough home aura that me, Murph and Bobby can carry on our world in domestic harmony like the cozy-woz comedy troupe we are. We are too great and we CANNOT stand for a crying jail.

So if you know of anything for $1100 or under that reminds you of this..

HA HA. Just kidding, calm down!

That reminds you of this..


Buuh. Also kidding, but with a tinge of truth-fear in my heart this time.

Reasonable, grown human prospects, please feel free to share those with me.

REMINDER: The Dynasty Intro

Yesterday not-Ghostface-but-really-Ghostfaceish guy on Twitter mentioned this song I used to have on constantly about 10 years ago.


Should I just change the description of this blog to The Jay, B And, On Occasion, Some Other Such Crap Blog?

Now add this back into your heavy-rotaysh lineup and give me a friendly hundred bones next time you see me. Why isn’t the video box lining up right? Technology still isn’t kindergarten enough for pandas like me.

In peripherally related news, you can buy these for 150 roots now if you want.

Buy them. Come on. Be the best person that isn’t me and just buy them. 150 roots aside, they would actually look boss with some stupid, schleppy, weekend Dad sandals.

Peruse this, then make a final decision.